Photobooth Rental Calabasas

Photobooth Rental Calabasas

With retro in style, and the digital age facing a resurgence of the Polaroid, photo booths are back in. However, the trend is catching on quickly and the number of photo booth rental services is increasing daily, saturating the market and making it more difficulty to find a a high standard service. The key for photo booth services to make them stand out among the competition is to create a unique and quality experience that makes those weddings, reunions, birthday parties and corporate events that much more memorable. Even in the southern California area, the number of results for a photo booth service search can be staggering. However, one company has done their research and is addressing the need for a high standard and reliable photo booth experience.

In the Calabasas area of California, PixaBooth Co. fills that niche, by offering a better quality and unique photo booth experience that has the potential to take any event above and beyond.

Photobooth Rental Calabasas

The basics

PixaBooth is an open-air photo booth that not only creates quality photographs but is an experience unlike any other photo booth service. Created by Darren and Tiffany Thompson, originally a wedding/portrait photographer and an event planner, PixaBooth was made to fill the need for modern and high quality photo booths that are sure to draw attention and make a statement at any event. “After photographing and attending many events,” they said of their company, “we realized quick that photo booths quality was really lacking.”

This new modern, open plan photo booth is designed to fit multiple people, a backdrop, plus a prop or ten, into the frame. So far, they have gotten nine into a PixaBooth photo, although the pair is offering up the challenge of fitting more.

The photographs

The most important feature of the photo booth is quite simply the photo it creates. Normal photo booths often produce average if not grainy photographs in less than flattering lighting and cramped spaces that can only fit a few people. However, PixaBooth tackles this problem right at the source by using a DSLR camera to create higher standard photos. They also set up professional studio lighting adjusted to each setting that helps to capture the moment in even better detail and correct for the poor party lighting that can often affect the quality of the printed picture.

Adding to the competitive edge, PixaBooth offers unlimited photos at their event, meaning the guests can come back again and again for more. Having the printer hooked up on site to the high quality camera also means the prints are created instantaneously for guests to show off or add to the guestbook. While this is not necessarily the norm in the photo booth service industry, it helps make their service more worth the while, and the cost.

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The booth

The PixaBooth set up is unique in that it features an open air design including a back drop stand. Instead of the standard closed photo booth box, which can be cramped on the inside and clunky from the outside, PixaBooth features a sleek and modern design that can fit in with any setting, no matter the dress code. The aim was to create a set up that brought attention to the photo booth, but did not clash with formal settings or interfere with the space of the venue. Because it is open air, there is a lot more areas for people to fill the photo, fitting up to nine people.

Generally, the booth fits into a 9ft by 9ft area and includes the back drop, photo equipment, printer and the stand to hold it all together, but the set up can be modified to a certain extent to accommodate the venue and space limitations. This versatility makes PixaBooth a competitive option as it can be adjusted to fit multiple areas and is versatile enough that the customer does not have to sacrifice their venue design for the photo booth.

The extras

Any photo booth experience is infinitely enhanced by the props involved. Hats, mustaches, boas and even writing boards take the PixaBooth party to a new level, completely customizable to every event. While customers are welcome to bring their own props, the company will happily provide some of their own. Backdrops also add to the ambience, and PixaBooth offers a wide selection, from black and white to designer, as well as the option for customers to customize their own backdrops specific to the event.

The service

As a locally owned company, PixaBooth has been highly reviewed for its reliability and attention to each individual customer. Rather than quantity, the company aims for quality and satisfaction at every event and is willing to work to suit the different needs of different clients. Due to the versatility of the PixaBooth set up itself, Darren and Tiffany are able to create unique experiences at any event. They also have a variety of options based on the length of event and number of expected guests to ensure that the photo booth fits the occasion.

What it costs

For the services rendered and compared to the average cost for renting a photo booth which can range from the low hundreds all the way to a thousand dollars, PixaBooth offers competitive pricing. At the low end, $400 will get you a two hour rental and only digital photos, but includes an online gallery. For big events, the Socialite rental at $875 gets unlimited 4×6 prints, designer backdrops, online gallery with free digital downloads, social media integration and a guestbook for six hours. Other pricing options and add ons are available contact us.

Overall, the PixaBooth Co. has raised the standard for photo booth rental services in Calabasas, and the surrounding areas. Their goal is to make “your next event an instant hit,” and with all of the amenities and high quality services they offer, this is certainly an achievable goal.

PixaBooth is now accepting reservations for weddings, family affairs and all other events that you deem photo worthy.

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