Photo Booth Rental Santa Barbara

Photo Booth Rental Santa Barbara

Modern photo booth rentals are a new concept that provides good entertainment to guest at any event or party. A photo booth is described as a vending machine that has an automated camera and a film processor. Traditional photo booths were operated using coins and its operation entailed a set or a bench. Innovation has made it capable for photo booths to be used in open air.

Are you looking for modern photo booth rental in Santa Barbara?

Pixabooth is a company that provides photo booth rental services. Whether you want to entertain guests in a cocktail party, wedding event, school reunions, birthday party or even corporate events then Pixabooth is your best option. To top it up the mobile Pixabooth on wheel comes with the added benefits of props designed and customized to suit your occasion.

Why Choose Pixabooth Company?

There are a number of reasons that make the Pixabooth rental company a number one choice in photo booth rental in Santa Barbara. These include:

1. Pixabooth offers modern open-aired photo booths!

An open air photo both offers maximum efficiency unlike the traditional enclosed box. It’s easy to use and allows a reasonable number of people to take pictures without having to arrange themselves in narrow, uncomfortable spaces.

To top it up, the open air photobooth allows you to you to integrate you pictures with social media. We are living in times where social media integration proves to be an important part of each individual’s life. An open air booth takes this in to consideration. You also have the capability of saving the photos on your phone.

That is not all, with the Pixabooth open air, print outs are available in just a few moments. After you take you photo you just walk over and pick it without the hustle of having to wait.

The Pixabooth also gives you the opportunity taking unlimited photos. Oh no, I wasn’t looking! You just blinked! Your pose wasn’t right! All these things happen and Pixabooth open air gives you the ability to correct them. You do not have to feel guilty for taking as many photos as you can since it is all digital and no film.

2. An Attendant is Part of the Deal

When you rent a photo booth with Pixabooth, you will be provided with an attendant who can provide instant assistance if needed. The attendant has expertise on fixing technical issues, keeping the line going and providing information on use of the booth.

When something goes wrong, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you have no one to support you.

3. Use SDLR Cameras

Pixabooth uses high resolution SDLR cameras which produce fine and crisp photos. Taking fun photos involves having superb results that you can later show off to friends and family.

4. Pixabooth uses Professional Lighting

Professional lighting is the key to producing quality photos. The same professional lighting provided to celebrities and models will be provided to you.

5. Provision of props

The most adored part of a photo booth is props. Pixabooth will provide you with props to suit your individual event. You also have the option of using a backdrop for your photos.

6. Pixabooth is a Reputable Company

They have served the market for quite a long time and are known for their quality services. With years of experience it has continually provided excellent services to its customers.

How do I rent a Pixabooth?

The process is easy. All you need to do is go online and feel in a request form. You can also make a call at the Pixabooth photo booth rental in Santa Barbara and you will be assisted.

Their prices are quite affordable unlike many other photobooths rentals in the market. It is important to make a booking two to three weeks prior to the event. The prices of renting Pixabooths are divided into packages. These packages are the Mini, Unlimited 3, Unlimited and Socialite.

In the Mini package, you can rent the Pixabooth for 2 hours. The photos that you take can only be carried away in a digital format. The background of the booth is either black or white. There are some nice props to go with your photos in this package as well. After you take the photos, you can access them in an online gallery. This package is ideal for small parties such as birthdays. It costs $350.

The Unlimited 3 package allows you to rent the Pixabooths for 3 hours. After you take photos, you can have them printed on custom 4 x 6 inch prints. The print design depends on what you like. You can take away as many prints as you want when you pay for these packages. In this package, you can view your photos in an online gallery after you take them too. The background of your photos can be of any type that you desire. In addition to that, you can carry away your photos in digital format for free. This package costs $550.

The Unlimited package offers the same qualities like the Unlimited 3 except that you can rent the Pixabooths for 5 hours. This package costs $800. In the Socialite package, you have access to the Pixabooths for 6 hours. Moreover, you can enjoy sharing your photos immediately through social media for example Facebook, Instagram or email. All the features offered in the other packages are included in the Socialite package. It costs $950. This package is ideal for weddings.

The Pixabooth can be used in events of various types. They can be rented for use in weddings, bat mizvahs, bar mitzvahs as well as sweet 16 parties. Furthermore, the Pixabooths can be rented for Quinceaneras, proms, reunions, corporate parties as well as birthday parties too.

Pixabooths have various advantages that make them so respected in this industry. They are known for having some of the best, most professional staff in the industry. Firstly, they have a wealth of experience. This is because they have covered hundreds of parties of every type, size and nature. They also have backup equipment in every party they are invited to.

Pixabooths also make use of state of the art equipment. The booths are pretty large. Thus, they can fit a number of people in them. The members of staff at the company are available all day and night to pick up your calls when you want to make a booking. There is also a large number of staff who come to set up and administer the booths during the party. Pixabooth ensures that some of the staff at the parties are graphic designers. This ensures that the pictures emerge looking professional and tasteful.

A lovely quality of Pixabooth is that one can take as many prints of the photos as they want. This is a quality that is unique only to Pixabooth. During the party, those who take photos in the Pixabooth can come back and take more and more photos and take the prints home with them. Pixabooth is the company to contact when you are looking for photobooths for your party!

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