Simi Youth Baseball Casino Night | Event Photo Booth | Ventura County

A little secret… I’m a big baseball fan! Our Spring and Summer are filled with Baseball and Weddings!  It makes our hearts so happy.  So when we were asked to be apart of Simi Youth‘s Baseball Casino Night, we were thrilled!!

Let me tell you SYB, knows how to throw a party!  The theme of the night was formal Masquerade. The guests arrive in stunning evening gowns and gorgeous masks.  From the simple to the extravagant all “bases” were covered (see what I did there).  The Vineyards in Simi Valley was the perfect location for this event, the decor and setting was so pretty.  Perfect spot if you are looking for a wedding venue.

The Template

This wasn’t a traditional photo booth, SYB went with no props as the masks were plenty and they also wanted a single photo print.  I for one, LOVE the single image prints.  They look so amazing in person and make a great memento to be framed.  Such a great take home.


The Set Up

Check out some of the behind the scenes with our Gold Sequin backdrop.



Photos courtesy of: DaynaO Photography



Tips and Inspiration: Its Graduation Time! | Photo Booth | Los Angeles | Ventura

It’s Graduation Time!

You’ve been working for this all your life, and in this moment, it becomes crystal clear.  You need to have a graduation party.  Whether you want to have a full-of-fun silly time, or a serious all-grown-up time, what you need to make your party a huge success is a photo booth. Choose Pixabooth, and you’ll have loads of advantages over other photo booths.  Here’s why:

Open-air Booth 

Gone are the booths you had to cram into, with some people barely getting their eyes into the action of the picture.  Pixabooth can easily fit 8-9 people, and we take it as a challenge to fit more and result in a beautiful keepsake picture! At graduation time, everyone will want pictures so they can remember this momentous occasion.

Quality Props

Whether your graduation makes you want to get silly with mustaches and sunglasses, or go classy with boas and hats, Pixabooth has what you want.  You can customize your backdrop and make it extra unique.  Graduation calls for special messages!  Chalkboards let everyone create their own message that they want to memorialize.

Professional Quality

When you have a Pixabooth photo booth at your graduation party, you hire more than a person with a digital camera telling your guests to smile.  You get a professional photographer and an event planner who know what your party is all about, and can help you bring your vision to life in a professional, organized manner.

Fun or classy, if you’re ready to go big at your graduation party and have a truly unique experience for all your guests, contact us for more information.

Maddy & Steve | Engagement Photo Booth | Los Angeles Photo Booth

We are so lucky to have some of the most amazing clients!  Maddy & Steve decided to throw a chic engagement party in the amazing Light Lab in Downtown Los Angeles.  The venue was ah-maze-ing!  This is a creative person’s dream.  The venue’s 20ft cathedral ceilings and white walls maybe for a great backdrop.  Check out some the shots from the night.

Engagement Photo Booth








The fun didn’t stop there!

GIF Photo Booth

Maddy & Steve also wanted a GIF booth to create even more fun! Supercharge your photo booth with some m-m-m-m-movement. When you book a GIF Booth (or add it on to our regular booth) you get these goodies below…

GIFs are sent right to your guests’ mobile phones (or emails) where they can then share them with the world wide webs (or not).


A Perfect Match | Customized Templates | Photo Booth

Custom Templates!

Are you sick of seeing the same old print designs at wedding after wedding after event?  Well we are too!  That is why we custom design each and everyone of our print templates.  We make sure that our print designs are gorgeous and are a perfect match with your wedding or event.  We typically use your invitation as inspiration or we can use just about any thing.  We want to make sure your print design is one of a kind!  Just check out some of the designs we have created in the past!

Don’t worry if you have an inspiration block on your print design!  We have a design questionnaire you can complete that will help our in-house designer create gorgeous mock-ups, better than your imagination!  We also have a many standard designs to select from.  Contact us to discuss your custom template!


Keep Guests Entertained! 5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Going Smoothly

Please, we are begging, will you give us something to do while we wait for you to take photos, travel to the local bars and have drinks, and change outfits? Even the uncle who can tell stories for hours doesn’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers on a beautiful afternoon waiting for the event to continue. So, what are your options? How about these 5 tips to keep your wedding going smoothly:

Provide a Cocktail Hour Area

-Provide cocktails and refreshing beverages: Pick one creative drink to serve up, along with beer, wine, and non-alcoholic options.

-Casual music: Music relaxes people, and brings back fond memories to laugh about. Make a simple mix on an iPod, hook it up to some portable speakers, and place in the cocktail area.

-Appetizers: Your guests will likely have gone hours without eating. Always provide some sort of food throughout the event, especially if people are drinking.

Photo Boards & Slideshow

-Both options keep people occupied. This is a great way for guests to stroll down memory lane. It also encourages conversations about “who’s who,” what year the photo is, where it’s at and so on. Take advantage of our slideshow we can make for you. You give us the pictures, and we will do all the work!


-Set up tables where guests can write down how they met you, their funniest memory, a time they hung out with both the bride and groom, some words of wisdom, etc. Popular ideas also include having the guests write on frames you can later use, disposable cameras are still fun, or check out more ideas here.

-Games, games, games: Outdoor games are perfect if weather permits, and your guests will appreciate spending some time outside. Bridal Guide provides a nice list to get your imagination going on what you can incorporate into your day for your guests. Have your cocktail area close by, and now everyone should have something to keep them occupied.

-Keep your little guests occupied: If there are a lot of children attending, consider carving out an area just for them with a few babysitters. There are adorable ideas to keep them entertained. This article from Popsugar covers something for all age groups, and for any number of kids attending.

Photo Booth

-Photo booths have reached a new level over the years. Pixabooth provides various options to incorporate into your photo booth experience. We love our open-concept option that eliminates claustrophobia, and challenges for “the more, the merrier!”. We also have different backdrops and props to keep the photos extra entertaining.

-We love photographing children, especially with their quirkiness and joyfulness they bring to any event. However, we suggest a game plan that prevents children from taking over the photo booth. This could be that an adult is required to accompany children, or time restrictions could apply (i.e.: children allowed until the end of dinner).

Guest Book

-Besides multiple activities that you may provide, do not do away with a traditional guest book. You’re in luck, too, because we have a beautifully crafted guest book available in which we will also insert pictures from your amazing day.

-A guest book is an essential guide when writing out “thank-you” cards. It informs you of who did show up (yes, you will forget), and their address. And it will be around years afterward.  Have a nice display, along with a card box and gift table. People love admiring the traditional aspects of a wedding that sometimes get left out.

This is your day to enjoy, so let us assist in keeping your guests happy and occupied. Contact us to discuss how our high-quality equipment and professional (yet entertaining) staff will be a great inclusion to your special day. Cheers!

Photobooth Rental: 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Open Air Booth

Photobooth Rental: Why You Should Choose an Open Air Booth

If you have a special event coming up and want to capture all the big moments, then you may be thinking about renting a photo booth. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, however, you should consider booking an open air photo booth as opposed to an enclosed one. There are many reasons as to why you should choose an open air photo booth.

Fits More People

First and foremost, an open air photo booth, due to is open design, can fit significantly more people than an enclosed booth. In fact, with an open air photo booth, you’re really only limited by the amount of space you have in your venue! Your guests won’t have to squeeze into an awkwardly small space and hold an uncomfortable pose to capture their memories.

More Creativity

Because you have more space to work with, you and your guests can also get much more creative. You can have plenty of room to bring in props or have people pose in fun positions in a way that you simply cannot with a traditional enclosed photo booth.

Classier Appearance

Finally, whereas enclosed photo booths tend to have an awkward appearance and can be quite an eyesore, open air photo booths can be beautifully designed to fit the theme and/or decor of any event. As a result, they provide a classier and more appealing look and can even create a focal point within a space.

Interested in renting out an open air photo booth for your next special event? If so, then contact us today!

Corporate Photo Booth: 10 Ways to Get it Right!

If you’re thinking about renting a photo booth for your next corporate event, you’re on the right track. How can you use the investment to your best advantage? We’d like to share 10 ways to get it right. Read on!

Corporate Holiday Party

10 Ways to Get a Corporate Photo Booth Right

1. Share your photos on social media instantly. Let your followers be in the know to create interest in your brand. After all, what good is a corporate event if nobody knows about it?

2. Enjoy a real backdrop – not a green screen. Add an element of luxury with one of our many cloth backdrops. Not only will your guests enjoy the ambiance, but your photos will look smashing.

3. Choose a photo booth company with great equipment. Many companies use low-resolution point-and-shoot cameras. Your guests and viewing community will enjoy seeing quality photos from a professional DSLR camera.

4. Lighting should be professional, too. Dark shadows and shiny hot spots on your guests’ faces will guarantee that photos won’t be shared. Professional lighting is flattering lighting.

5. Go all out with a custom-designed backdrop. Create a one-of-a-kind look with your photo booth company for the ultimate in marketing genius.

Corporate Photo Booth

6. Use a live slideshow to entertain guests. One of the greatest trends in photo booths is a live show! Your guests will not just enjoy having their photos taken, but will enjoy seeing others’ fun as well.

7. Use the power of GIFs. Imagine the eye-catching power unleashed on social media when your company features fun GIFs from your corporate event.

8. Be generous with prints! Does your photo booth company allow unlimited prints? Let your guests go home with mementos from the event that they’ll hang onto.

9. Use real props. People like to play with props they can get their hands on! Let your attendees have fun choosing and playing with quality, eye-catching props.

10. Use digital downloads for future marketing. Choose a photo booth company that allows your company to download images now and later. Having a backup source is always a great idea.

Corporate Photo Booth

At PixaBooth Co., we’re committed to making your next corporate event a smashing success. Let your guests have fun, and implement an excellent marketing strategy in the process. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Party Photo Booth


Los Robles Hospital, Thousand Oaks | Ventura County Photo Booth

Corporate Photo Booth Rental

What an amazing and busy last few days!  We had the honor of being at Los Robles Hospital‘s “Hospital Week Event”.  The event was a fun carnival theme!  Our fun photo booth was a great addition to the event with all the fun carnival games.  It was nice seeing management get involved to service their employees!


At PixaBooth Co, we highly recommend a photo booth at your next corporate event.  Now close your eyes and think to the last corporate event you attended.  Did you have fun? Stop scratching your head—we get it. It didn’t make a lasting impression. Next time, rent a photo booth for occasions like store openings, conferences, trade shows, marketing event or galas, and if your company wants to make waves, a corporate event photo booth is the way to go. And PixaBooth has just the booth experience for you.

Our Brand Experience package is our most comprehensive photo booth for events, and it’s tailored to make sure your guests—whether they’re future/present customers, clients, or investors—have the best time possible.

Just some of what we offer

Custom Templates

We customize every template to match your event seamlessly with our professional designer anything is possible!

Custom Props

Do you have a specific theme in mind? Whether it is carnival, gala, fiesta or company specific – we can make the props for you!

Custom Branded Screens

Say good-bye to our screens and say hello to screens that perfectly match your company!  From colors, to fonts to logos our designers can do it!

Custom Backdrop

Are you looking for a step and repeat or crazy tie die 90’s theme – whatever it might be we can create it.

Custom Texts

It didn’t happen if its not on social media! Make sure your company images don’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure your images get posted and hashtaged properly with our custom text message option.

Contact Us today to talk more how we can full customize your Brand Identity package. Deck out your booth in your brand’s colors, design custom props, and get all your prints on a one-of-a-kind template that features your company’s logo. On top of that, you get four hours of pure booth time, our friendly booth attendants to act as your brand ambassadors, and a social media sharing so your guests can instantly share your brand across the web, contributing to your ultimate goal of world domination.

To Prop or Not to Prop? That is the Question!

Value, Value, Value and tacos, maybe.

Value, Value, Value

Here at Pixabooth, we recognize your right to have it your way. We also think it would be pretty spiffy if you had enough cash left over after your party to spring for tacos. That is why we offer you these three “V’s.” “Value, Value, Value.” Not one value, but more than two. And less than four. You get the idea.

Actually, you’ll get a lot more than “the idea.” Pixabooth is a sleek, elegant, portable studio where everyone can pose with the coolest props around! These pictures will never end up on one of those websites that makes fun of poses and props!

Wedding Photo Booth

Your photobooth experience will be the absolute best! We should apologize in advance, because Pixabooth will likely steal all your guests and their undivided attention. The explanation for this is simple… We. Are. Awesome!

Prior to receiving their prints instantly, guests will bask in professional studio lighting, while posing in front of modern, stylish and fun backdrops. And don’t worry, “arm-shelf” poses will never be forced upon anyone under any circumstances!

Not only will your party guests experience our open-air photobooth and rejoice that they are not being crammed into a stuffy 2 foot-by-3 foot box, they will want to return again and again to take even more pics! You know what? That’s cool with us, because we include unlimited prints at no additional charge! That is something no other competitor will cough up. Everyone will get a chance to snap pics with however many props they want (or none) with however many people they want for as long as you allow them. Drunk with power yet? Hold on, because this is where it really gets crazy!

So contact us to book Pixabooth for your event because there is no better value for your perfect party! Then, let’s talk about those tacos!

Corporate Photo Booth

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