PixaBooth Co. is the child of a wedding/portrait photographer and event planner, Darren & Tiffany.  After photographing and attending many events, we realized quick that photo booths quality was really lacking.  With that in mind, we sought out to create a photo booth that was both modern & high quality.  PixaBooth was born! 

We provide a sleek modern designer open-air photo booth that provides many advantages over a traditional photo booth. The Sleek styling incorporates well with any setting or venue with minimal intrusion, but always becomes a hit at any party. The elegant design also offers superior setup flexibility, with the ability to be placed almost anywhere. Our booths provide superior image quality with professional studio lighting, paired with a professional level DSLR camera. This creates higher quality images; the studio lighting is soft, even and flattering – producing superior images to other photo booth setups. Your guest will be blown away with how stunning the images are from this photo booth. Make your next even an instant hit by adding an elegant PixaBooth


Say good-bye to cramped out-dated boxes! Meet PixaBooth. 

Our booth is a state of the art open-air photo booth experience.  Where you are no longer barely able to fit your group.  In our booth, you can easily fit 8-9 people but we think more can fit, let’s make it a challenge! Being a photographer, we wanted our booth to have superior quality with DSLR camera and professional studio lighting we are able to achieve images that you want to share!

See PixaBooth in Action!

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